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Rats and Mice

Issue with rats and mice in Rye and the surrounding villages can be sorted quickly, and swiftly. It doesn’t always need poison, and can sometimes be swiftly sorted. We have the knowledge, skills and training to ensure that we can solve your problem with rats and mice.

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Rat issues in Rye

We offer a complete service for people who are having issues with rats, in Rye and the surrounding villages. The first thing we always do is conduct a survey. Not every building or property is the same, and different techniques and methods may be needed, and the survey will tell us this. It also lets us know what level of infestation there is within the property.

From this survey, we can recommend what is needed, and the best way forward. We always say that poison is a last resort, and should only be used when needed.

The fabric of the building is inspected, and we can fill any holes where the rodents may be getting in. We also look in attic spaces, and may lift the manhole covers to inspect the drains as well.

Mice Problems in Rye

We treat mice in roughly the same way as we do rats. However, being much smaller, we know that we sometimes need to look for smaller holes where they may be getting in. There are other difference that we can use to tell the difference between rat and mice problems.

For domestic properties, our standard service is to offer 3 visits to completely eradicate the issue, and leave you rodent free. However, some properties may need additional visits.

For commercial properties, industrial and farms, we quote on a ‘per job’ basis. Everywhere is different and has its own needs. We can provide a full ongoing service, together with a site pest control folder and plan.

Altogether, we take an integrated approach to pest management. For this reason, we use a number of methods and techniques to cure the problem as quickly and safely as possible.